Northend Street League Pinball

Northend Street League Pinball is a 5 vs. 5 Thursday evening pinball league operating in various pinball venues in cities north of Seattle, including Edmonds, Marysville, Lynnwood, and Everett.

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The fourth season is planned to begin September 14, 2023. League matches will be played on Thursdays at 7:30pm. Most matches should be completed between 9:30pm and 10pm.

The winning team will receive a Stanley-Cup-style trophy that passes from winning team to winning team. The winning team name, team members, and season info will be added to the cup (trophy).

The entry fee per team for the season is $50 ($10 per player). All of this money will be paid out in cash prizes to the top placing teams, 60% to the winner, 30% to second place, and 10% to third.

All who are interested in playing should create an account at

On the sign-up page, indicate which arcade(s) you are most interested in as your home venue. Also, please note if you are interested in being a team captain or co-captain.

The league will use rules and software adapted from the Monday Night Pinball League of Seattle. The preliminary rules may be found at

The season will consist of 10 regular season matches followed by two weeks of playoffs. During the regular season, each team will play every other team. Each team will play its sister team (shares a venue) twice, once at the start of the season and again at the end. Each team will play all other teams once.

Each match will consist of four rounds of play. The first and fourth rounds will consist of two doubles matches, while the second and third rounds will consist of five singles matches.

For the third season, we are using five venues and have ten teams of five players. In later seasons, we may expand to include more venues and more teams. Each venue will serve as the home arcade for two or three of the ten teams.

The five venues include White Buffalo in Everett, Crucible Brewing in Everett, Crave 80s in Marysville, The Republic Bottle Shop in Marysville, and Another Castle in Edmonds. Nun Chuck's Brewing has room for two teams. Crucible Brewing has room for one more team.

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